Wildlife Garden with Stream and Pond

Wildlife Garden with Stream and Pond

The brief  To convert the shaded overgrown lawn into a wildlife garden, with a new dining and entertaining area, and a large studio office.

Native species hedges were used to create boundaries with the neighbouring gardens and divide space within the garden. One part of the garden was used for a stream which emerged naturally from the hedge, leading to a generous wildlife pond. The area was surrounded with shingle and planted with ferns on the shady side and sun-loving plants next to the dining terrace, which is covered with a pergola, with climbing roses and clematis. A wide path leads from the house to the studio officenwhich is partially screened by beech and mixed-species hedges.


Native pond plants create colour from spring to autumn and a wonderful habitat for many water- loving creatures, including frogs, newts, and colourful dragonflies. The planting around the pond and the hedges attract  pollinators and birds of many species.

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