Sloping Village Garden

Sloping Village Garden

Our clients had a very overgrown garden, sloping steeply to a wooden fence separating them from a new housing development at the bottom of the hill. A group of birches and conifers in one corner of the garden provided some screening.

They wanted to make the garden more friendly and inviting, with a formal ornamental area near the house, and wildlife areas in the other parts of the garden, but still leave plenty of lawn space for childrens’ games. Providing more screening in the areas near the house was a key requirement.

Because of other work taking place on the house, we divided the project into several stages, phased over several years.

We created a wildlife – friendly area in the bottom half of the garden. Nearer the house we provided screening at eye level with a row of pleached hornbeams, and formal terraced borders To the side and front we created formal borders and a herb garden.

Key features: Wildlife pond with pebble beach; wildflower meadow; native hedging with hawthorne standards; pleached hornbeams; terraced borders with stone steps and hoggin path; formal small pond with herb parterre.

Key planting: Native plants in pond and wildflower meadow; Shade loving under-planting around mature trees, including winter flowering shrubs, woodland shrubs, ferns, epimediums, foxgloves, bullbs. Sun-loving shrubs and plants in formal borders including lavenders,catmint, penstemmon, ornamental grasses, asters.

New borders in bloom after first year Screening the view

Planting detail

Pond just after construction