Productive Garden

Ornamental and productive garden, Oxford

Our clients had a large and promising urban space – very overgrown, with a disused pond in the middle. They were managing to grow some fruit and vegetables, but wanted a dedicated productive garden as well as an ornamental garden near the house. At the bottom of the garden was a well-designed garden office, which gave a focus for thinking about the over all design.

The design we came up with used a simple, strong plan, creating three distinct areas in the garden – a lawn with a deep ornamental border on one side, an orchard and pond area in the middle of the garden, and large productive garden with raised vegetable beds and boundaries of cordoned and espaliered apples and pears.

Key features: Small pond; productive area with hoggin surface and raised vegetable beds; post and strained wire fencing to create boundaries and support for fruit trees; large ornamental border.

Key planting: Six apple cordons, carefully chosen to provide fruit over a long season; Espaliered pear trees and pear cordons, fruiting over a long season; Stone fruit standards for orchard area; Herbaceous and shrubs planting for border including roses, clematis, echinacea, heleniums, geranium species, ornamental grasses, asters.

New arbour seat Overview of the new productive garden Pear tree espalier

Plants from the ornamental border

Sketch plan for new garden