Terraced cottage garden

Terraced cottage garden

A place to relax Looking back to the house Dry stone walling and step, with tumbled edge coping 'Piddling Bert' designed into the new small pond Steps and path leading to the new arbour Pots add seasonal interest to the planting Garden before redesign

The brief: Even out the levels and create a sense of space in this narrow cottage  garden bounded on one side by an ancient  4m high churchyard wall. Provide plenty of space for the client to indulge her passion for plants. Incorporate the existing sculpture into a new water feature, and create a small sheltered dining area.

A diagonal plan created a sense of movement and purpose in the garden, leading up through the levels with gentle shallow and broad steps, to a new green oak arbor and sandstone slab dining area. Cotswold stone was used to create dry-stone appearance retaining walls, with restrained shingle paths and shallow stone steps between the walls. Planting areas within the shingle are defined with corten steel edging.

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