Garden with spring-fed pond

Garden with spring-fed pond

The spring-fed pond, detail of granite edge, channel, and granite base with shingle path.Immediately after planting Detail of edge A generous border with yorkstone stepping stones - immediately after planting The Yorkstone terrace, a beautiful and subtle grey-green An overview of the garden - echoes of Mien Ruys and Mondrian for a Dutch client Reclaimed iron complements the Hornbeam hedge in Winter Light and shade in winter

The brief: A pared-down modernist garden with plenty of room for the client to indulge her passion for unusual and rare plants. Replace the old liner pond at the bottom of the garden with a new water featureIncorporate the woodland view into the garden.

Using high quality materials – grey granite, shingle, and Yorkstone – a simple modern design creates three areas. An upper level with a terrace by the house, wide-shallow Yorkstone steps leading to a mid-level with border, lawn, and Yorkstone terrace, and the further steps down to the woodland boundary and the spring-fed granite lined pond. The design and materials create a remarkable sense of cohesion and peace in this small garden.

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