Exotic Garden

Exotic Garden

Our client is a great traveller, with a love of architectural and exotic planting. She wanted a garden to complement her beautifully designed modern house in this Oxfordshire village. The gardens at the front are enclosed by high hedges, south-facing, and ideal for entertaining. They can be seen from the front balcony and kitchen of the house. The client travels a lot, so a rain-sensor triggered irrigation system was also fitted.

Key planting: Mature exotic plants (bananas, tree ferns, palms, and phormiums, all ethically sourced from The Palm Centre), mixed with evergreen shrubs (pittosporums and choisya) and ornamental grasses and herbaceous plants and bulbs for seasonal colour.

View of Banana and Tree fern View of Phormiums and Mediterranean palm Close up of Euphorbia New plants arriving for the Exotic garden

Client’s sculpture with Euphorbia

Phormium flowers