Design Services

Design Services - Overview

The most important thing we do is listen to want you want.

Many of our clients know what sort of garden they would like, what features are important to them, how much time they have to maintain a garden – what we offer is expertise in organising space, dealing with levels, building features, planting for year-round interest and, long-term enjoyment, and creating the overall mood and feel for your garden.

Not all our clients want a complete redesign, and we are happy to work on parts of the garden – for example planning a productive fruit and vegetable area, or a stunning entertaining area. We also work with some clients over several years to implement a plan for the garden, staging the work as suits their lifestyle and budget.

Contact us now for an initial discussion about what you want, or read a more detailed description of our services here .

1. Master plan

2. Sketch of new pathway with arches